Saturday, April 15, 2017

SATURDAY: A High Sabbath Day of Rest

SATURDAY: Having endured the cross, Jesus was resting in paradise with the Old Testament saints and the thief who repented on the cross. On Earth, the Jews rest and observe the Sabbath, while the Roman soldiers carefully guard the body of Christ. How nice of the best trained, greatest fighting force in the world to provide security guards for the tomb, keeping the body safe until it was time for the Resurrection. Just before He died, Jesus had declared victory, shouting Teleo--completing the last line ...of Psalm 22, which means "It is Finished," or "It has been accomplished," but His disciples do not yet understand. All of Hell now sits aware that they have no claim on Christ. Jesus has made His appearance there, and being the sinless, perfect Son of God, has past right through the fiery gulf separating them from Paradise. The Saturday after Passover was a High Sabbath day of Rest for the Jews. Jesus observed that Sabbath rest as well. Now Sunday is coming. All the rules are about to change. Wait for it.................

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